Sustainable Investments

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Sustainable Investments

AGI invests in a diverse range of evidence-based green energy solutions that support the rural services sector.

Together we provide sustainable technology solutions to the primary industries transport and manufacturing value chain. Solutions that are continuously optimised, efficient and driven by groundbreaking technology that will deliver a positive impact to the rural services sector.

Science, Technology and Innovation will create a sustainable supply chain.

Sustainable by Impact

Enhance productivity, drive profitability, and reduce carbon footprints to lead sustainable farming into the future.




Canterbury Hydrogen

Canterbury Hydrogen

Manufacturing, sales and distribution

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Canterbury Hydrogen

Zero Carbon Energy.

Using leading-edge science and technology to deliver sustainable transport and static energy solutions.

Hydrogen fuel is a cost-effective, low carbon footprint, clean energy alternative to fossil fuel.

The Canterbury green hydrogen production plant is scalable and will support large-scale heavy transport end-users and the light vehicle sector.

Alternative Energy

A pathway to decarbonisation.

Clean, alternative energy production will support the required change in our local global food production ecosystem and help change the narrative globally. We can help ensure we are leaders in the further development of sustainable farming practices for farming in New Zealand.

Delivering high-quality products at the same time ensuring good environmental outcomes. The market will drive change and we have the science is available today that will support the adoption of the technologies and changes in farming practices required for farming to remain profitable into the future.

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Driving supply chains of the future.

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