Driving on Farm

Harnessing Hydrogen,
best-in-class Manufacturing and Green Technologies to ensure New Zealands Farmers remain Global Leaders and Influencers.

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Our Farmers Leading the Way

For New Zealand’s farming industry to remain a global leader the changes in the environmental landscape need to be considered as both a challenge and an opportunity, with the change managed in a considered way.

Our farming practices, our manufacturing processes, our logistics and our brand are all part of the story that is presented to the market. New Zealand farming is best-in-class and by embracing the changes that are driven by the need to be continuously focused on environmental sustainability we will remain a market leader.

The Agritech Group are developing and deploying, with key industry partners and investors, a suite of products and services that will help address some of the challenges and issues that face the rural sector.

Our Timeline

Agritech Business Park

Development commences Q3 2022                                                               

Agritech Animal Nutrition

Established Q4-Q2 2022 of 2023-2024

Hydrogen Park

Development commences Q4-Q2 of 2023 -2024                  

SHWY1 Multi-Fuel Retail Service station: Biofuels

Hydrogen, EV Fast Charge
Development commences Q1 2024

Progress is impossible without change.